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What people are saying

Keiley Giboney

I would highly recommend Caryn Bujnowski at FF for your horse care and professional training.  Although specialized in dressage she is skilled in multi-discipline approach.  She is the consummate professional, has an uncanny connection with the horses for best performance results and is as dependable as the sun rising and setting every day in my 11+ years stabling at FF!  

I am a busy executive that relies on Caryn for stability and consistency with the care and training of my 9 year old Oldenburg.  She guided me on the selection of this horse in Germany as a 3 year old, has trained us through normal "equine" and "human" issues; she has skillfully provided a foundation for me to compete and achieve higher scores than I previously thought I could ever achieve, even winning High Point at accredited shows.  Caryn has excellent communication, experience and supports correct basics (seat and leg) with sound, healthy horses.  I trust her with my most vulnerable family member every week while I travel and she has never let me down!

Serena Hanke

I've been riding with Caryn for 6 years now.  She knows my mare as well as I do from interpreting every thought that goes through her head right down to every new scratch or bump on her body! She's always patient, fair, and kind to both horse and rider.  She gives 100% of herself to her students and to all boarders!  She keeps the farm running like a well oiled machine and is always there to greet you with a warm smile.  My lessons with Caryn are always fun and rewarding and leave me motivated to delve deeper into this complex and demanding sport!

Kyle Putnam

I worked for Caryn for four years as her groom as well as her student. When you’re a groom for someone that long, you get a true understanding of the ins and outs of her program, for better or for worse! I can safely say that there are few trainers out there who personally put as much attention into the basic care of their horses while also training daily at a high level. As a massage practitioner, my horse’s physical comfort under saddle is of paramount importance. Caryn possess the extremely rare quality in a trainer of trusting my judgment if I feel that something is making my horse physically uncomfortable. I’m proud to be part of this stable of sound, willing athletes

Over the years, I have ridden with good trainers who helped give me a solid basic education, but Caryn has helped me start to put all of the pieces together. She has helped me literally pick up my wild-child thoroughbred at the track and gradually turn him into a very fun horse. At times, this was terrifying, but Caryn’s focus on explaining straightness and connection in a way the horse can understand has helped me carefully develop him, myself, beyond every expectation.

Jackie Lyons

Thanks to her patience, dedication, and guidance we were able to work through a difficult training period on my young horse and come out the other side.  We just got back from our first recognized show of the year where we scored a 75% on our first test!  What more can I say, Caryn rocks!!!

Whitney Wiggins

Caryn is a talented rider and a knowledgeable horsewoman with a gift and passion for teaching.  Her training methods emphasize and strengthen the understanding and between horse and rider, resulting in a true partnership with your horse.  Her approach is a holistic one, with the horse's mental and physical soundness laying the foundation for a balanced and well-rounded training program.  Above all, Caryn is kind, patient and incredibly giving.  Your struggles are her struggles; your joy, her joy.  She is there for you for each and every stride, giving you the tools, the knowledge and the support to truly excel